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Hijama or Cupping

Hajama, commonly known as cupping, is an age-old therapeutic technique involving the application of suction cups to the skin. This practice is thought to encourage blood circulation, harmonize bodily energies, and promote healing. Linked to traditional Chinese medicine and Middle Eastern traditions, cupping comes in both “dry” and “wet” forms, with the latter involving controlled medicinal bleeding.

Key Features:

  1. Holistic Approach: Aims to address the entire individual, seeking balance in both physical and spiritual energies.
  2. Stimulates Blood Flow: Improves circulation, believed to support cellular repair and the elimination of toxins.
  3. Diverse Application: Utilized to alleviate various conditions, including muscle pain, skin issues, and migraines.
  4. Traditional Roots: Rooted in ancient practices, cupping has been employed across diverse cultures for centuries.
  5. Detoxifying: Some practitioners believe it aids in purifying the body by eliminating harmful substances.
  6. Natural Pain Relief: Often pursued as an alternative to conventional pain management methods.
  7. Flexible Techniques: Different cupping methods (dry, wet, moving) can be applied based on the specific ailment.
  8. Energizing Effect: Some individuals report feeling rejuvenated and energized following a cupping session.

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